By Matt Leyshon with Geraldine Monk, Rhys Hughes, & Jordan Krall

Out Now – published 21/03/22

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A unique journey into the dark heart of Lancashire

By Matt Leyshon with Geraldine Monk, Rhys Hughes, & Jordan Krall.

16th century Lancashire was a wild and lawless region. It was here that 10 people were found guilty of witchcraft. Mostly women, mostly poor, disabled, disfigured, superstitious and uneducated. They were easy targets for a show of power from the authorities; collateral damage for careerists and social climbers. In All Us Witches, the witches push back.

All Us Witches uses art, photography, poetry and prose to explore the lives of the Lancashire witches in the context of the social injustices that continue to permeate through our society today: the obscene wealth and privileges of the few, the everyday struggles of the masses, and the continued persecution of the most vulnerable.

Matt Leyshon is the author of the renowned short story collection The Function Room. His new long poem Stay. Speak With Me interweaves the Pendle Witch Trials and the imagined life of the Fylde Witch Meg Shelton with the roles of immigration, poverty, race and sexuality in modern British life.

Geraldine Monk’s best-known work, Interregnum, has been reworked into montages using Matt Leyshon’s atmospheric photographs of Lancashire. All Us Witches also contains a selection of her previously unpublished sketches and workings.

Rhys Hughes, author of over 40 books and 800 short stories, presents a new original work which explores the connection between spell making and charms with constrained writing techniques. His series of textual experiments entitled Jesus the Creep cleverly shines a light on the influence of the church in the fate of the Pendle Witches.

Jordan Krall is an American author, artist, musician, and publisher. He has worked with Matt Leyshon to produce a unique cut-up of words and images, The Hexham Goat.

Self published. 66 pages with a mixture of text & colour & monochrome images. 350gsm card cover. Hand assembled, staple bound, & finished by a small local printer.